Act for Abortion

January 22th, 2022 marked the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade . Paola organized a celebration on the steps of the Supreme Court in an act of joyful declaration to honor people who have abortions and abortion providers.


Immigrants Are Essential

Immigrants are Essential bears witness to the lives of Fedelina, Mario, Moisés, Yimel, Juan, Ofelia and Guadalupe. Just seven out of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants who were taken too soon by COVID pandemic. They gave up so much leaving their home countries and coming to a place that didn’t always welcome them. They fought so bravely to make a better future for their families.

Rosa's Miracle

In 2018, Rosa began a seemingly impossible journey with her four children. She joined over 7,000 people and walked from Honduras to the United States’ southern border. While she walked through sand storms, deserts, over freezing mountains and through raging rivers the world watched in rapt attention with their mouths agape.

Rosa’s Miracle is a retelling of her journey to the United States told through spectacularly beautiful images steeped in dignity and celebration.