“Artist, do not let your work be a mirror that simply reflects society, art must engage with the world it’s living in. Let your art be the hammer that shapes our world.”
— Paola Mendoza

Paola Mendoza Talk with and Dolores Huerta and Chris Smalls

Dolores Huerta, new union organizer and president of the Amazon Labor Union Chris Smalls and Paola Mendoza meet on stage to discuss the future of the workers’ movement.

“We, artists, inspire people to love when it is easier to hate.”

Art, according to Paola Mendoza, creates culture and illuminates us in dark times.

UnidosUS Annual Conference Latinas Brunch

Delivered at the 2019 UnidosUS Annual Conference Latinas Brunch in 2019 in San Diego, California.

The Brooklyn Conference: Paola Mendoza

Exploring the intersections of art and social justice, shining a light on what unites and separates us as a nation.

Citizen, Immigration and Belonging:

A Conversation with Paola Mendoza, Jose Antonio Vargas and Maya Wiley.